Newbridge House & Farm

Newbridge House & Farm

Had a fabulous mucky afternoon around the farmyard at Newbridge Newbridge House & FarmHouse & Farm yesterday. The day was grey and dull but not too cold so the girls and I  headed out to see the house and farm. The house was built in the 18th Century and is a Georgian Mansion located in North County Dublin, not far from the airport, in the middle of huge grounds – over 300 acres of parkland. The staff at the house are wonderfully imaginative and their year round events capture overseas as well as the local imagination.

We were met by Cinderella on our arrival and she and the Butler showed  us around the house. They were taking a break from their regular tour-guide roles in order to dress up and entertain the families during the half-term break.

My 3 year old and 1 year old were mesmerized by our guides as they were led down to the basement kitchen and laundry room to see where Cinderella slaved all day over a hot stove and where she slept at night.

Our tour continued throughout the richly decorated rooms of the house – the Drawing Room where Cinderella danced with the prince, her glass slipper on show with her tiara. The Dining room – set for Cinderella’s wedding banquet was beautifully laid out with lots of treats hidden around the room foNewbridge House & Farmr children to find.

The tour finished out on the grand staircase, a period wedding gown on display was the final touch. The girls were completely entranced.

Our visit continued outside into the farmyard where we saw the newly hatched 2 day old chickens (above), the new piglets, the brand new lamb. The visit was really entertaining for those of all ages, there are plenty of farm implements on display for those to reminise on days gone by.

We did make a stop at the little coffee shop – I can especially recommend the pear & almond pie and the rocky road tray bake!

The walled garden, the largest in Ireland was part of the tour that we missed as two little girls were far more interested in the baby chickens and lambs so we’ll have to make a return visit during the Summer to take in the rest of the park.

We’d highly recommend the visit, especially for groups on their first or last day, as it’s so close to the airport, about a 10 minute drive. We can arrange for coffee / scones to be served in the house for groups arriving too early in the morning to get into their hotel in the City Centre. The group can enjoy a walk around the grounds, getting some of our clean fresh air into those lungs after their long flight! Follow that up by refreshments served in an historic setting by wonderfully friendly staff and you’ve got a pretty perfect arrival to Ireland!

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