All About Ireland

When touring around to find out all about Ireland, remember to enjoy the history & language, the landscape & music, and the weather. But most of all, remember to join in and enjoy the craic!

All about Ireland

Our Celtic History

Ireland has a rich history and its evidence is found in the ruins of ancient monuments and castles, some of which are older even than the pyramids. The first settlers were probably from Scandinavia, who traveled to Scotland, then across to Ireland. The Irish Race is a combination of the three major originating tribes, which became known as the Celtic Race. Even today, the population of Ireland is predominantly of Celtic origin.

All about Ireland

The Irish Language

Almost everyone speaks English, although the accents vary greatly from county to county. About one-fourth of the population, mostly in the western areas, also speak Irish, a Gaelic language that is the traditional tongue of Ireland. Both Irish and English are official languages.

All about Ireland

The Irish Landscape

The Republic of Ireland (Éire), is about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. Ireland is divided into 32 counties, and as you travel through them, you will notice that the nature of the landscape varies greatly, so that in a short period of time, you will feel as though you have travelled through different countries!

All about Ireland

Irish Music

Music has always been extremely important in Irish cultural life. Traditional Irish Dancing is still popular and can be seen in many pubs and venues around the country.

All about Ireland

The (in)Famous Irish Weather

The coldest months of the year are January and February with average temperatures of around 5 degrees celsius, the warmest months are July and August with average temperatures of 15 degrees celsius. Whatever the time of year, we’d advise you to bring a raincoat!

All about Ireland

Join the Craic!

Whether it is architecture, countryside, or the stories of it’s people that draw you here, Ireland is a country of great variety and great personality! Come and join the craic soon!

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